Memories from London, 2012- Part 2 (A day at The Cotswolds)

Following my previous article on things-to-do in the main city of London, I’m adding on a few other places that we absolutely loved visiting and experiencing.

(a) A day at the Cotswolds:

Cotswolds is a convenient place from London for foreign visitors. One can experience the sight of typical English countryside with quaint villages, historic churches and green peaceful surroundings.

How did we reach there? We availed Day tours tickets. They offered comfortable Mercedez Benz buses driven by knowledgeable drivers and guides to help us explore this place better. Mind you, they’re very punctual and keen on maintaining zero delays in arrival/return and will not appreciate late comers at the pick-up points.

We stopped at a few places and were given a time gap within which we had the freedom to explore the beautiful villages here. Some of which I can recall from memory are Bibury and Arlington. You can see a lot of cute little cottages here (these are also where the weavers reside).

If you’ve got more time to spend here, you could go fishing for your trout too(open for fun-fishing during summer season)

This place also has a lovely perfumery- The Cotswold Perfumery, Bourton on the water (my personal favourite pick here was “English Rose”), a gallery where you can sometimes spot the artist painting real-time, a woolen thermals store which has a lot of interesting items starting from hand-woven shawls, sweaters, Bonnie caps and much more.

Beautifully sweetened English Rose! I’d emptied the perfume long back, but chose to keep the bottle for memory..and it’s fragrance still remains as new 🙂

Bourton-on-the-water, also known as “Venice of the Cotswolds”

We stopped at a small cottage style restaurant which was warm and cozy and served us deliciously lip-smacking food for lunch. We chose Fish & Chips and Veg Lasagna that afternoon.

Post Lunch, we were taken to a place called Model Maker’s Exhibition which had miniature models of the village, probably just about a foot tall buildings to showcase…


…and a few historic churches.

Next point was Blenheim Palace. This is also where Winston Churchill was born. We walked through the palace as the guide went about explaining the facts behind every painting and every other noticeably appealing item in the palace. If you can spare some extra time here, you can also watch a video recording of a speech by Winston Churchill himself, in the Palace. This palace is surrounded by a stretch of lush green well maintained parks you’ll just not want to return from.

We were so immersed in the beauty of this place, that we literally forgot to be mindful of how long we’ve been loitering around in there and also that we had to return to our bus. We were 15 mins late and had forgotten where the pick up point was going to be from the Palace too. We ran about left and right from one corner to the other and finally spotted the bus and our guide fuming out of rage at a distance (haha.. 😀 ). I think our late-coming was probably the reason why we got stuck in traffic on our way back for sometime and yet, our very professional driver managed to steer through and drop us back at around the expected time.

My friend and I then jumped out of the bus and hopped into a nearby restaurant to plan our next destination visit, as we munched on our dinner that evening …


Upcoming next: The making of Harry Potter- Warner Brother Studios




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